{do you have any questions for me?}

If you read my previous posts here then I'm sure you know that I'm actually an American living abroad, in the country of Romania. As some of my readers expressed interest, I decided to start blogging more about the country I now live in! It is a country that can't quite be defined in one glance. It is a mixture of old traditions with new western influence. Village life will transport you back to another time, another place. Ancient history + architecture surrounds you everyday. Here, you can find resorts along the seaside, rugged mountains that reach up to heaven, and rivers snaking through lush forests. It is an enchanting country, with a detailed and complicated culture. Living here hasn't been easy, there have been a lot of differences to get adjusted too. Yet despite all the harsh changes, my heart feels at peace here. I feel loved, safe, at home. The happiness I've found in this small country is priceless. I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Now, I need your help! I have so much I could tell you about Romania and my life here. I'm feeling quite at loss at where to begin! Please don't be shy....

What would you like to hear about?
Do you have any questions you'd like to ask me?

Now ask away! It doesn't have to necessarily have to be related to this post, if you have any questions you've been dying to ask me about anything at all, now is the perfect time! 



  1. What have been your top five favorite things in Romania? Or five favorite adventures so far?

  2. Does Romania have a language, and if so, have you had to learn it, and did it take you awhile???
    Also, would you pick one over the other? Like Romania over America, or America over Romania?? :)

    One more thing - since a lot of people are doing this, would you mind if I did it on my blog??? Just leave the answer on my blog. Thanks!! :D



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