Cute Spring Earring Picks {via Meli Melo}

 There is a little accessory store that I discovered when I moved here to Romania, called Meli Melo. It is cheap, chic, and one of my favorite places to buy earrings. My skin is super sensitive so I can't wear much of rings, or necklaces. However I love bracelets and earrings a ton! I haven't bought earrings in ages, so I've been browsing around for some new pairs to wear when spring hits. In the past I've always been a dangling earring lover, but lately I'm loving studs. They are just so easy and effortless. 

Do you have a favorite?


  1. I am the same way with earrings, I used to only wear long dangly ones! Though the reason I started wearing studs is because after cutting my hair you could actually see my ears, so studs became on option! =)
    I love the sparkly green flower pair! =)

  2. I love the drop earrings (top left)! And the green flowers!

  3. I la la love the flower studs!! I have a black and silver pair, but the pinks... I must find!!


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