Camera + Pink Nails

After my "I love wearing pink!" outfit post last week, I came across all these fabulous photos on We Heart It, of pink nails and canon camera. What a perfect combination, right? 
I have super ugly hands. Well at least in my opinion. My brother says they resemble a construction workers hands, my husband says they are really soft. I don't know who to believe but my gut tells me my brother is probably closer to the truth of the matter! But nevertheless I love manicures. So much. My hands might be ugly but my nails are usually painted pretty so it kind of makes up for it! Pink is definitely a favorite, it is the ultimate feminine nail polish color.

Do you paint your nails?
What is your favorite color for a manicure?


  1. I'm a nail polish addict. I love bright blues and black, and I usually have some sort of design. Today they're black with a blue "drip" design on top. :)

  2. Oh my goodness your post is sooo funny..I think my hands are all right but when I take pictures of them they look like old lady hands. I paint my nails but it just makes me mad because it always comes off within a day or two
    -barbie @ Style of a Mrs.

  3. I paint my nails way to much! I think my favorite color to paint them would probably be pink!!!!

  4. no i dont paint my nails much just because they always come off in a day or two!! haha but i've never gotten a REAL manicure, like done by pros, ever before. :) sounds like fun. the pictures are cute. :)
    umm, as a color i'm really into right now - its kelly green. i LOVE it, and its a good color on me. :)


  5. I love painting my nails, though I haven't painted them anything "too" bright or wild (yet)

  6. Love the nails! And I want a DSLR camera so badly! I still have a Sony digital camera but use my Droid phone most of the time. ;-)

  7. If my nails aren't painted they feel weird!

  8. I love doing my nails. Right now I'm really loving red & purples. I really want to buy some pink nail polish though, but I haven't gotten around to doing it yet. :p

  9. how can you NOT love those nails and a camera?!?! has to make you smile while getting your picture taken!


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