I was given this Liebster Blog award by a few different bloggers this month, thank you so much! I feel honored. :-) In return I am to pass it along to 5 different bloggers with under 200 followers. Here are some blogs I enjoy and hope you will go visit sometime. ^_^

{1} Free To Be Me. Written by Amanda, probably my most faithful follower + commenter! She is such a sweetheart and has a super cute blog full of fashion, friends, + faith. Her blog always cheers me up + makes me smile!

{2} Modesty is Pretty. Written by Shey! I am a big promoter of modesty + style, and this is probably my favorite blog in that category. ^_^ I love her re-fashions, vintage finds, and stories about her kindergarden students. Her style is so classic + beautiful, I am always inspired! She is quite a charming + elegant lady, and you will just love her blog!

{3} Nel's Home Cooking. Written by Nela, who I previously interviewed in this post. I'll be honest, I'm not really the best cook. But it is something that I do enjoy a lot and I'll admit that I really love food.  ^_^ Anyhow, this cooking blog is amazing and will have your mouth watering in no time! Her recipes are written out super nice and easy to follow, not to mention her photography is really good!

{4} Oh, Restless Bird. Written by the lovely Sarah Elizabeth. She is a fantastic writer, a lover of birds (as am I!), a pianist, and a photographer. Her blog is always so inspiring to me and always makes me thoughtful. Plus her blog layout is super cute. Just thought I'd throw that in there. ^_^ When you have a chance, visit her blog + be blessed!

{5} Sparkles + Sequins. Written by Sarah. A lovely young lady with a deep love for Jesus and a fantastic taste in modest fashion! I love how she posts quotes, poems, or song lyrics with each of her outfit posts. It always brings a smile to my face and gets me thinking!!

I hope that everyone is having a lovely week and will have a beautiful, relaxed weekend!
Until next time,


  1. Thank you so much! I feel honoured! Thank you!! :)

  2. Awww Marie, you are just so sweet!! :D Thank you soo much for awarding me - I feel very honored.

    I love you,

  3. Marie you are very kind and I feel very honored by what you wrote about my blog, than you so much. =D

  4. Thank-you for the award, Marie! :) Your words mean alot to me. Take care!

  5. Thank you for the award and your sweet words about me and my blog, girl! I'm only just now getting around to being back online. (I've been sick and having computer troubles!)


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