Thank You

I just wanted to thank everyone for the sweet comments that you all left in my last post! I was so nervous about it, but reading the comments made me feel so much better and I'm really happy with the decision I made. It isn't easy to go from anonymous to Arielle, and I'm sure it will take a little time, but I'm really excited about the direction of this blog. It will still have a focus of modest fashion, but I'll now be able to just write me a little more than I did before. And I'm really looking forward to it! Now I can really relax and just blog. ^_^
So thanks again to all of my beautiful readers. I appreciated each and every supportive comment! The photo above was taken at my parents last week. I didn't cut out my head on purpose this time, I just couldn't fit it in the shot with my lens! :)
Until next time,


  1. Hi there! I am a first time viewer of your blog and this is an interesting post to start with! I have to say I am just stepping out of my blog shell and sharing some personal tid bits here and there and I am with you the experience is scary at first but its awesome when the comments are positive :)

  2. Blogging is just another way to journal about yourself so go for it! ;)
    Hope you're having a great Sunday!

  3. It's your blog, you can do whatever you wish on it :) Thats the awesomeness about having a blog!


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