Preparing for 2012

One of my favorite ways to prepare for a new year, is reviewing and writing.

I look back on the year that has just passed me and review everything that happened. The good and the bad, both the happy and the painful. And then I ask myself these questions.

What did I love most about the past year?
What mistakes did I make?
How can I better improve?
Is there an area of my life that needs some work?
What do I wish I would have done more of?
Are there things that need to be changed?
What were my top priorities?

Then I pull out my journal and start writing. Goals & dreams for the future, my resolutions & plans. If you want some writing prompts like I usually do :) here are some of mine.

New things I want to try.
Healthy habits I want to start.
Wiser ways to spend my time.
Dinners I want to cook.
Kitchen skills I need to learn.
Photographs I'd like to capture.
Relationships I need to work on.
Things I need to stop doing.
Ways I can give more.
Places I want to go.
Books that need to be read.
Ways to improve my character.
Blogging improvements I can make.
Scripture to memorize.
Home projects to work on.
Fashion trends I want to try.
Ways to simplify my life.

The list truly goes on and on. I'm a bit of a rambler, especially when I write, so it doesn't take me long to make about a hundred lists full of my plans and wishes. :) You don't have to stay structured or keep things into categories, you can just start taking notes if you want! For me, this is one of the best ways to prepare for the new year ahead. It helps to get me focused and think about what needs to be done. And plus, because I write it all down in a journal, I can always go back and see all the lists I wrote to remember all of my goals. I'm sure I'll be sharing a few of my lists on the blog sometime in the future. :) For now, I have some writing to do!

How do you prepare for a new year?


  1. What a truly great idea! I might have to try this soon. :)


  2. An absolutely beautiful and inspiring resolution list for 2012! I can quite agree with many of the things on your list...especially here's to writing more! ❤


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