A post in which I ramble about nothing.

But it's a rambling post with photos, so doesn't that account for something? :)

Ughh, rainy and grey Winters aren't really my favorite. They are a little depressing IMO. The forecast has been predicting snow "next week" for the past, well, couple of months. But alas, my balcony is still bare, So I've pretty much given up hope for this year.

But! I scored at H&M and found these darling bright tights for $3 the other day. I love my tights and I'm starting to get quite the collection!

I am just now recovering from a nasty virus that hit me on New Years Day. Doesn't everyone wish they could start off their new year in such a great way? ^_^ Meh. I am doing fine now and hey, I got in lots of What Not To Wear! Gotta love full episodes on YouTube. :)

It was my sweetheart's birthday this past week so we went out to dinner with the family, the food was a-maz-ing. That flat looking pancake thing on my plate is actually potatoes which were to die for! They had cheese, onions, and sadly I can't figure out the rest!! I have to ask next time so I can try to make them at home. ^_^
So, that is pretty much what I've been up to in 2012 so far. Not very exciting, I know! Hehe.

How is your year going so far?

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