New Addition to the Family.

Well, maybe. We still haven't decided if we are gonna keep her or not, it depends on how this week goes. :) My husband and I have almost always had big dogs around, until we got married last year! It was a big change and I know my husband really misses having a dog around. So when he was offered a free Rottweiler puppy last week (they couldn't afford to keep her), he just couldn't refuse. It's been a lonnng weekend, and believe me, she is not the angel she appears to be! But then we have sweet moments where she lays on my feet, and watches Animal Planet with me until she drifts off to peaceful sleep, and I really hope we'll get to keep her in the family. ^_^

Only then we'll have to pick a name. And it takes me forever to pick dog names out. If I get one set in stone in under 2 weeks, I'm doing good. So, of course I want to ask my readers...

Any name ideas?
She is chubby and rather clumsy. She is very curious and loves to watch people. She is serious and super feisty. Rottweilers are known for being good protectors, very loyal and strong.


  1. Awww she looks so cute! :)

    I looked up popular dog names for female rottweilers, and I found a few names that I thought might interest you.

    Rosaura= means in Spanish, "rose of gold"
    Ruth= means "friendship"
    Samantha= means, "who hears"
    Leonela= means "the fighter"
    and Abby

    Hope this helps,


  2. Aww, too cute. Why not name her Angel?

  3. Aw! I have a soft spot for Rottweilers--and the PUPPIES. so, so cute. you should keep her so you can post lots of pictures so I can vicariously have a Rottweiler puppy. ;)

  4. How about Sierra? I just love that name, and it seems to fit her personality so far - specially when she gets older!!! :)


  5. Iridessa, Juliette, Endoria,Elise,Esmeralda, Primrose, Elivina, Rosetta, Ella, Ellette, Liliana, Odette, Tatiana, Lorilla, and Fayette. Fayette is french for 'Little Fairy'. Teehee, I'm having fun.
    Naming animals is one of THE MOST vital part of having one.
    Their name MUST be perfect. No exceptions. ;)

  6. Your puppy is precious as can be! He looks like a Bear to me :) My puppy is named Jack Bear... we couldn't decide between the 2 names haha.

    xo shane

  7. She is precious! I am a big softy for big dogs (we have a Bullmastiff and had a St.Bernard until a few months ago when we put him down.) Anyway, I've always said that if we ever get a black, female dog, I'm naming her Ziva, after the character on NCIS. She kicks butt!

  8. Oh my goodness you have got to keep her! We are actually getting a puppy next Sunday, and we are so excited! Of corse of you keep her then you have to be willing to put work into her, but if you do that then I think that you will really love her! Oh and I would name her Lucy. ;)


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