My {2012} Book

I have a cheery little composition book for my own two-thousand-and-twelve.

It's full of quotes that I love. Just a little something to get me going and to inspire my thinking!

But it's also got some heartfelt journaling, with my own thoughts of the year past and what is to come in the future.

Of course I filled up more than one page of doodles and whatnot.
{Psst! did you know this year is a leap year?}

And I filled out page after page of my goals, dreams, to-do lists, wishes, bucket lists and so much more.
Having a notebook like this helps me to focus and figure things out. It helps me make plans and stay organized. When I feel lost or don't know where to start, if I am bored and need ideas to occupy me...I can just flip through my book and there ya go! It is just one of those simple things in my life that I love having around, as it is helpful but also fun. I also want to add this; no, at the end of the year I don't get to check off everything I wrote down in my book. But to be honest I don't really concentrate on just checking things off my list. I just do the best that I can and at the end of the year I'm happy if I just accomplish some of my goals! It is a book of inspiration...not always a book of realities! :) I find that the inspiration does help me and encourage me so much even if I don't get to check off all the items on my lists. I hope this post hasn't been too boring, I just wanted to share my book with you today. ^_^ Now I'd love to hear from my readers....

How do you stay focused throughout the year?
What helps you organize your life?


  1. Marie! What a great idea. I love it.
    I actually use my calendar to organize my life, and to stay focused? Well that never happens. I try, but ADD gets to me. Haha. I really hope you fill up that ENTIRE notebook this year. I try every year and my journals usually end up in some random corner halfway full- collecting dust.
    So sad...
    I love the first quote.
    By the way.

  2. Love this. I'd say journaling, and keeping a planner is what I use most to stay focused. But I like the journaling much better. More room for doodles. ;)

  3. I'd never done this before, but this year I just got a skinny black moleskine and am putting my goals, lists, and resolutions throughout the year in it. I think it's definitely going to help me stay organized this year. Yours is awesome!


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