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For today's interview, I asked Nela from Beloved Star to join us! Nela is the author of two great blogs, both of which I enjoy reading. I love her photo filled posts and all her great recipes. Not to mention she has a beautiful and modest style as well! Alright, on to the interview. I don't think anyone wants to hear me ramble anyways. ^_^

Tell us a little bit about yourself! Well, I'm 18 years old. I'm home-schooled. I'm a morning person. I LOVE freshly-baked cinnamon rolls. I HATE bugs. My favorite season is Fall, and the three top things that I love to do (as of now) is baking, photography, and martial arts.

How did you get into blogging? Is there a special story behind the name? I knew a couple of people who had blogs of their own, so one night I decided to create one for myself. At first it was called "Desiring God's Desires", but then I changed it to "Beloved Star" because that's what my full name "Marianela" means.

If you could make up a short list of "do's & don'ts" to help out new bloggers, what would it say?
Don't: leave comments on peoples blogs saying "I'll follow your blog, if you follow mine."
Don't: post about needless things
Don't: spam in other people's comment box
Don't: make a comment unless you read the actual post first, then you make a comment about that and go on what you wanted to say.Do: browse other blogs and try to leave comments
Do: make your blog design pretty and unique, according to your sense of style.
Do: write your blog posts well and interesting.
Do: be yourself, and try not to be like other people

What are some of your passions & hobbies? I love to blog because I get to write out my thoughts about particular subjects that I find interesting. I love photography because I can to capture an image so that one day I'll look back at it, and be reminded of the fun memories we had. I love to do martial arts because it's great exercise, and helps you learn self-defense. I love to cook and bake because of the process of putting it all together, and getting a delicious result at the end. ;) And last but not least, I love to read a good book whenever I find the time to do so.

I love all of your recipe posts! How did you learn how to cook & bake? What are some of your favorite ingredients to work with? Glad you enjoy them! :) I learned how to cook & bake by following recipes from cookbooks, watching the FoodNetwork channel, and from reading Taste of Home magazines. I guess no one really taught me how to cook. My mom taught me the basics, but that was it. Favorite ingredients? That's kinda hard…hmm…milk, ground beef, baking chocolate, and... oh yeah, peanut butter!

I also love your fashion & style posts. It is refreshing to see modesty promoted in our world today, and done in such a lovely way too! What does modesty mean to you? What do you love most about dressing modestly? Modesty, to me, means is not just about how we dress or what we wear, but how we act as well. I believe that everything we do should be for the glory of God, including the way we dress, and treat other people. What I like most about dressing modestly is that it's possible to do so while looking fashionable, and the fact that it keeps you warm during the winter season! ;)

In closing, is there a verse or something special that has spoken to your heart lately, that you would like to share today?
Of course! Romans 8:28, "And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose." Lately I've been having thoughts about past mistakes I've made in my life, wishing that I could've done better. But I was reminded by this verse that things happen for a reason. And I must respect that reason so that God's glory may get the full benefit.

Thank you Nela for the lovely interview, it's been my pleasure! Again, to all of my wonderful readers, please take a minute to go visit Nela at her personal blog, Beloved Star, or check out her cooking blog, Nel's Home Cooking. Don't forget to leave her a little blog love! :)
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  1. Great interview, Nela! I love your blog too!! Especially the recipes. ;)


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