How to Love pt. II

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This is a continuation of my post from yesterday, click here if you didn't get a chance to read it! In this post we're gonna talk about the more practical side of loving others. One of the best ways to show your love, is simply just being there for someone. To stay by their side and have their back. But sometimes it's good to express your love in a special way. By doing this, it not only makes your loved ones feel, well, loved! It also will make you feel great as well. ^_^ To get you started, here are some ways to show your family and friends how much they mean to you!

Write a small note. It can be funny, touching, or just a simple "I love you." Sticky's are great for this since you can, ahem, stick it anywhere! But also consider options like leaving a note in their planner, or a class notebook. Anywhere that you know it will catch their eye and make them smile!

Offer to do a chore or two. Especially the ones they hate doing themselves! Wash their car, finish folding the laundry, or take out the trash. My husband is a sweetheart about this, he knows that I don't like washing dishes since it tends to irritates my skin, so he almost always offers to take over when he catches me at the sink! He's a keeper. ^_^

Give small gifts. A lot of times they are even better than the big ones. ^_^ It could be as simple as buying their favorite candy bar, or maybe getting a box of their favorite tea. The point is that you don't have to spend a lot of money to give a gift. And you certainly don't have to wait for a holiday or special occasion! Unexpected gifts can cheer people up more than you know. And as an extra nice touch, you can add a bow or some curly ribbon to dress it up!

Use your talents. Are you a good artist? Can you bake amazing cookies? Everyone is good at something, use those skills to make something for someone you love. Handmade gifts are really special! It's nice to know someone cared enough about you, to spend their own time making something sweet for you. :)

Send a card. A real card. In this digital age, snail mail is not very popular. But really, who doesn't love getting mail? ^_^ I know this sort of falls into the "write a note" category, but really it is just taking that a step more. Whether you buy, or make it. If it is humorous or sentimental. Sending a card is something really nice to do for the people you love. (P.S. postcards are nice too!)

Make dinner. It can be as simple as your favorite casserole or you can take time out to cook something special. Invite someone over for dinner, and it will make them feel loved! You can add special touches to even the simplest of dinners. Pull out that beautiful china you never use, put some fresh cut flowers on the table, or send them home with a loaf of homemade bread. Taking time out to entertain can be difficult for those that have their hands full, but it's rewarding and a great way to show your love!


These ideas are rather broad, and very simple. I know you have heard them all before, but sometimes it's good to be reminded. Learning something such as how to truly love, and express that love....I have a feeling it takes time! I for one know that I still have so much to learn! Let's just say it is a work in progress. ^_^ I hope these posts were encouraging, and maybe someone out there will get a blessing out of it!
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  1. I really love getting and sending handwritten letters and cards... etsy has the cutest cards and stationary, which motivates me. :) hehe.
    They are basic, but they bring joy.
    Great reminder Marie.

  2. Oh my goodness you have no idea how much I love this list <3 I think all of these little acts of kindness are important aspects of feeling alive and reaching out to our fellow man in a caring and sincere way. I am a huge advocate of leaving little positive notes for people. I know when I receive them it brightens up my day so very much! x


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