Getting over post-holiday depression.

The holiday decorations are down.
The tree is in a box in the basement (or crammed on top of the wardrobe if you live in a teensy apartment like yours truly! hehe).
The radio is playing sad songs again about real life.
The mailbox is once again empty.
No more Christmas movies on TV about angels & Santa Clause.
Back to work.
Back to school.
Back to reality.
Oh my. If you are anything like me, most years you get a little bit of what I like to call post-holiday depression. Christmas is so cheery & bright. New Years brings on glitter, dreaming and fresh hope. But about half way through January, things get a little depressing. Winter is here in full force, bringing grey skies & blustery days. I, personally, stay safely inside my home whenever I can, wrapped in fuzzy pajamas, drinking way to much tea and eating way to much chocolate. Ahem, and also possibly spending too much time on Pinterest. But anyways, my point is in all of this, sometime after the holidays, I think we all get a little depressed. Life just seems a little ho-hum and things are looking a little dull. What's a girl to do to get over this bout of short term depression? Well, today, I am here to cheer everyone up. Including myself. This post is probably more for me than anyone to be honest. I always have been one to think out loud!! ^_^ Alright, enough ramblings from this crazy girl, let's get going and find out how to cheer things up when you're feeling down.

DO count your blessings. This one always comes number one! Take a moment to step back and get a good honest look at your life. At first, things look bad. But after a minute of thinking, it actually looks pretty okay. You might be out of a job, struggling with school, or having relationship problems. But everyone can be thankful for something. Maybe you have good health, maybe you have a good family. Maybe you can be thankful for the food on your table, or that roof over your head. It is also good to remember that there is always, always, always, someone out there worse off that you are. Counting your blessings not only makes you more content and thankful, but it really does cheer you up.

DON'T keep listening to sad music. I know, I know. When I'm depressed I like sad music too. But it doesn't really help that much. It just makes a bigger pity party. Go find your favorite playlist from last Summer and turn up the volume! Listen to some happy music and you can't help cheer up.

DON'T stay home. (like I usually do, ahem..) Being alone all the time at home doesn't help depression. Maybe you aren't in the mood to hang out with friends or go to a loud party, that's okay! You can still go out alone, or maybe with a few friends. Go visit your mom. Take a long walk to somewhere new. Grab a book and go get a long cup of coffee somewhere. Getting out for some fresh air is healthy and helpful. I know Winter weather isn't really that fun, especially if you live in a frigid climate like I do. But if you take time to bundle up properly, it really isn't that bad.

DO stay busy. January is a really quiet month for me, there just isn't much going on. And as we all know, when you don't have enough to do, it's hard to keep your spirits up. So if things are slow around your house too, purpose to get busy! Look around and see what needs to be done. Are there any projects you want to complete, that you might not have enough time for later? Try to check something off your bucket list, or maybe try your hand at a new DIY project. Staying busy with something helps you to focus on that, and off your Winter depression!

DO be patient. I know it might be grey outside right now. I know it might be freezing. I know that things might be quiet and little bit lonely. But as Annie used to say, "the sun will come out tomorrow!" And that's the truth! The flowers eventually bloom, things turn green, and the sun still shines through. So keep that in mind and cheer up, knowing that sometimes things take time. Everybody gets depressed sooner or later. Everyone goes through long Winters. Take joy in knowing, that things like being depressed after the holidays don't last forever!

Do you ever get depressed after the holidays?
How do you cheer yourself up?


  1. i was just thinking about this on friday. great list you have there, the part about the music is so true. :D my sister and i went to the zoo yesterday and blasted the happy, peppy music the whole way there. it made life just that much better.

  2. I actually get depressed during the holidays, everyone is so busy during those days that I kind of feel left out, like everyone has something exciting to do except me. I totally agree on not listening to ay sad music!! My goodness the effects sad music can have on our minds is surprising! So I do stay out a lot and even though I don't feel like it I try to go out and stay busy, do something productive and seek to be in the presence of God, that always helps. =)


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