{DIY} 32 Reasons Why I ♥ You

I made this cute little booklet for my husband's birthday a little while back and have been meaning to put these pictures up! Better late than never I suppose! :)

I was sick on his birthday this year and never got around to shopping or anything, and therefore felt like the worst wife ever for not getting him a gift! So the night before his birthday I got a brainstorm to make up a little booklet with all (well okay, SOME) of the reasons I love him so much. I'd seen the idea before, using notebooks or a deck of cards but I just used what I had around me. It was very simple and easy (hey! the sick me has virtually zero amount of creative juices!) and just took me about half an hour to complete.

All I used was;
index cards.
red + black construction paper.
heart paper punch.
felt tipped black pen.
hole punch.
this gold ribbon.

Anyways! I know it is simple but I just thought I'd share it because I thought it was rather darling. ^_^ I wasn't expecting hubby to like it much since men usually aren't so mushy, but he loved it and read through it several times! Score!



  1. oh, that is too cute!!! And you definitely get a pass for being sick. I can totally see why he loved it :)

    love always,

  2. SO CUTE! :)
    Thanks for the idea.. I might do something like this for my upcoming 6 month anniversary.

  3. Aww, I think it's sweet! :D It's very creative indeed! I might have to snatch this idea for some family and friends in future, if you don't mind. :)

    I'm sorry you had been sick though...I hate getting sick on important events. :( But I'm sure you're not the worst wife ever dear. ;) *hugs* It's the thought that truly counts and he knows you were sick and that you love him. :)

    Blessings and have a great week!

  4. Well if that isn't the cutest thing.. and the part about him reading it several times is even better! Aww. ;D

  5. This is so thoughtful and sweet! Hmmm, I think I might just have to make one for Jared this Valentine's Day. ;)


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