What I Wore - {Snowflakes}

This is one of my favorite sweaters! My brother bought it for me a few years ago and I've gotten a lot of wear out of it. It's super soft and hasn't lost it's stretch. Plus the sleeves are a bit long and cover my hands about halfway, which I love! My hands are always cold. ^_^

Sweater - Rue 21
Jeans - Only For You

Today's theme was to share a photo of your Christmas tree! I didn't get a good one of my entire tree but I did get a few cute ornament photos. ^_^ My mother-in-law gave me this cute little golden tree ornament (in the photo above) and I love it! Definitely one of the ornaments that will get put on the tree again next year. :)

On another note, I bought Photoshop Elements last week during their Thanksgiving sale, and I am having fun exploring it! I used CS3 for a long time but I switched computers, upgraded systems, and blah blah blah and had to buy something new. I love the full Photoshop and was used to using it but Elements was much more affordable. ^_^ Now I just have to figure out how it works! I'm a creature of habit so usually I hate having to get used to new things! But I'm happy to have a good editing program again and that's what matters. :) Enough ramblings from me, it is just one of those days. Ha!
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  1. AHHHHH YOU'RE WEARING JEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahha i've just never seen you in jeans before. very cute, i must say. :)


  2. That sweater is SO cute! What a pretty outfit!

  3. Lovely sweater, Marie!

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