What I Wore - Plaid Love.

Today is the start of Natasha's 12 Days of Modest Fashion! I'm excited and hope to join in on all the days that I can. I love fashion and am a big promoter in modest dressing as well so I love events like these as they are such a good testimony to others! :) If you are interested in joining in on the fun just click on the icon above to find out more. :)

My outfit for today is pretty typical for me. I love pencil skirts and wear them the most! I was given some money to spend on something for me and found this cute shirt on sale a few weeks ago. I love plaid and this one is perfect. :) I have to admit that the belt didn't last long, I ended up taking it off right after the photos!! Sometimes comfort wins. ;D And just as a side note, I'm not used to taken outfit photos in my house yet so you will probably see me move around a little bit this week!! :)

shirt - Terranova
skirt - Zara
boots - Tamaris
knee socks & tights - ??
belt - gift


  1. Love your outfit! Very cute. :)

  2. nice shirt! i *miss* your old background for your photos! lol just kidding. :)


  3. Gah! I love your shirt! It's gorgeous!

  4. I really love how you belted this shirt!

  5. I love that plaid blouse! Super pretty outfit! And cute pose.


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