What I Wore - {Chambray Skirt}

Top - Terranova
Tank - H&M
Skirt - Pimpkie
Boots - Tamaris
Awesome cozy sweater tights - borrowed from sister! ^_^

Today's theme is "wear a skirt." Not to hard for me since I mostly wear skirts anyway! I do wear jeans, especially when it is cold and I'm out and about, but I still find skirts to be comfortable and easy so I mostly wear skirts! ^_^

This is another skirt I got this Summer, it was marked crazy low on clearance and it fit really well so I went for it. And now I am glad I did! Sometimes full skirts can be hard (at least for me!) to style, even though I'm thin, sometimes I feel like they drown me. So usually I try to just pair my full skirts with a tighter and more fitter top or a belt and it works wonderfully! And this skirt... it has pockets. Why are pockets so awesome? I love pockets! ;D

The strange looking blob on my neck.. those are my wedding rings! Sorry. My fingers and hands have been a little sensitive lately so sometimes I end up putting them on a chain to hang on my neck! :)

Until next time!


  1. I love your outfit! In fact, I love your style of clothing--the way you dress.

  2. Heyy!!! Your old background is back! I mean, in your photos. lol Lovely outfit!! That skirt looks very warm and adorable. And I LOOOVE pockets on skirts!! :)


  3. p.s. I was wondering if you could a review post on your boots you're wearing.... because those type of "riding" boots are what I want for Christmas. Like, could you post on the cost, and what the pros and cons are to them??? THANKS!!! xo

  4. This is such a cute outfit, I especially love the fullness of the skirt and the boots, they have a biker chic vibe to them. =)


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