What I Wore - Black & Brown.

Day 2 of Natasha's modest fashion event! Today I'm at my parents so thanks to my sister for taking a few pictures for me. ^_^ A lot of people don't think black and brown go together but I disagree! I love the color combination and I wear this outfit often. Sorry for the lack of shoes! I am one of those people who only wear shoes when I go outside, even then I don't always. Hehe I love this skirt so much, it is a versatile color and can be worn year around. Not to mention I just like ruffles a lot anyways. :)

Natasha has a theme going on for every day of the event and today we are supposed to share a family tradition for the holidays. I think my only tradition is that I like watching Charlie Brown's Christmas when we put up the tree. ^_^ It's just a classic!

Do you have any family traditions for Christmas?


  1. See??? Black and brown DO go together! Thank you for proving it to the world!!! :)

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! Have a blessed day!



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