What Christmas Means To Me

Christmas. It's a season, a holiday, a feeling. It's celebrated, commercialized, and planned. Some people try to ignore it altogether, while others devote all their energy into the details. There is Christmas music, Christmas trees, Christmas presents, Christmas parties. Christmas means different things to different people so today I'm going to share with you what Christmas means to me.
Christmas is a reminder. It makes me stop and think about the miracle of baby Jesus. Sent down to earth and born in a stable, and one day to die on a cross for my sins so that I could have eternal life. So that I could be free. A King who chose to be a servant. It's overwhelming to my heart when I think about how blessed we are that Jesus came!

Christmas is magical. There is something in the air that just makes my heart flutter. I love the season. I love the feeling I always get inside. I feel like a child and remember how to dream, and what it's like to believe. To me, the season will always be full of magic!

Christmas is about family. It is so nice to relax and spend time together!! I love cooking with my mom. I love watching western movies with my dad. I love how much I laugh when I'm with my sister. Anytime I get to spend with my family, it's truly wonderful.

Christmas is an opportunity to give. And I love giving, it makes me happy! Whether it's making something with my own hands, surprising a stranger, or being able to help someone with a special need… giving thrills my soul.
And now for the short fluffy list of things I love about Christmas, not so serious, but still things that make the holiday what it is. :)

Christmas lights in a dark room.

Snowflakes dancing down from heaven.

Hot chocolate in my favorite mug.

Watching Charlie Brown over and over again.

The smell of apples and cinnamon.

Putting gifts under the tree.

Helping my mom decorate the church.

Making paper snowflakes.

Singing along to Christmas songs on the radio.

Sending out Christmas cards.

The smell of a wood burning stove.

The silence after it snows.

Candy canes.
Santa hats.

Now that I've rambled on and on and ON about Christmas, I'd like to hear back from my readers....

What does Christmas mean to you?

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