- I redesigned my blog again today. I just wasn't happy with how it looked before! I love yellow and grey together and chevron stripes are always classic. So what do you think about it? Is it better now or do you think it still needs some work?

- I tried a new recipe and made these sugar cookies today. *heavenly* They really turned out good even though I didn't make the frosting. I love having good cookie recipes on hand that are easy and quick! I still will use my old faithful cutout cookie recipe, but this one is great when I'm not in the mood for frosting! ^_^

- I'm enjoying Natasha's modest fashion event this week! I wasn't able to link up today but be sure to go check out the fun for yourself and feel free to join in with us anytime. We still have several days to go!

- God answered a lot of my prayers this week and I feel overwhelmingly blessed. My entire family has had a bit of a rough year and I'm glad that it looks like it we will be able to start a new year soon with all of those things behind us! I am so glad for God's mercy on me and those around me. He has blessed us a lot and I pray that we'll all continue to have faith in Him!

- I'll end with this print I discovered via Pinterest! :)
I love this quote and it cheered me up when I saw it so I wanted to share!
Wishing everyone a lovely Saturday,


  1. I love the new design! It's gorgeous!

  2. Love your new blog design! :) It looks great! Those cookies look very delicious. *slurps lips* Perhaps I should make some soon... ;)

  3. Ahh Marie, I love your blog! Its always a ray of sunshine in my dash. :) And I LOOVE LOOVE the new design!!! Its so adorable, and has that vintage feel. :)

    ta ta!

  4. I love it :) yellow and grey is very classy!


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