New Years Eve

New Years Eve At Home

Confession: For the most part, I never have plans for New Years Eve. I am worn out from Christmas celebrations and craziness. I don't feel like going out or being around large groups of people. I've had my fill of sweets for the year, and well, by this time I've pretty much ate all the food I could eat! So, instead of going out to see fireworks or having a party with all the people I know... I just stay home. Call me boring, call me grandma. But I like spending my New Years at home! ^_^ This year, my husband & I will be at my parents house over the weekend so my plans are to relax (a.k.a. flannel pajama pants), drink hot chocolate (ok so I still have some room left for chocolate!), watch Meet Me In St. Louis on VHS with my sister (yes I still have a VCR in my old room! ^_^), and possibly give myself a much needed fresh manicure.


What are your plans for New Years Eve?
Do you have any traditions?


  1. One tradtition my family has for New Year's Day is having an extremely long marathon of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

    yours sounds very relaxing, though! 'Meet Me in St Louis' is one of my favorite musicals :)

    love always,

  2. yeah, for NYE, my family normally stays home, too!! :) and i want to see 'See My in St. Louis.' I didnt know its a musical! :)

  3. This collection made me laugh out loud; I LOVE IT! With a young family now, this looks like my perfect night!

    Even when I went out for NYE I found it too busy & noisy & disappointing; everybody has such huge expectations for a crazy great NYE & it is very rarely the reality!

    Have a good (quiet!) one!

  4. we eat way to much ... and play games..!!

  5. oh how i would love to stay at home in my flannel pjs and cozy socks..but we have about 3 family parties to go to tonight. happy new year to you! i have enjoyed reading your blog very much, it even made me head over to polyvore. what fun is that!?


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