{My Week via Instagram}

{my cute husband. i love him so much!}

{tea at my favorite cafe. but they recently changed it all around and have new mugs (and decor & etc..). i hate it. i am a creature of habit. and what was wrong with the other mugs?}

{i've been in a lot of waiting rooms this week with my sister! seeing doctors can be so frustrating...please pray my sister can get some answers soon! <3}

{but we had lunch together today, my sister and i. it was so nice...}

{i love my ceramic travel mug... isn't it cute? on a side note to myself; give yourself a manicure soon!}

{i have done an insane amount of laundry this week... how does it pile up so fast?}


How has your week been?

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  1. cute pics! isn't instragram on iPhone or something? so wish i had this!! and my week's been good. :)



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