{my holiday weekend}

{The best gift bag under the tree! ^_^ Hubby got me perfume and it's to die for. I'm lucky to have a husband with a fantastic taste in perfume!}

{My Christmas day outfit...well part of it! I never got a full length photo! My bad...}

{Snowmen! I am such a sucker for snowmen decorations. ^_^}

{Made so many paper snowflakes this year...I think I have a new Winter hobby!}

{I got several sweaters from H&M this year and I LOVE them. Super cozy!}

{I also got a cardigan from my Dad in the mustard color I've been wanting! Can't wait to wear it!}

{Knee high socks.. I can't get enough of these babies!}

{And flowers from my sweetheart! Aren't they lovely?}


So there is part of my Christmas weekend in photos. Hope it wasn't too boring for you! :) This year was a lot more simple than our family's usual Christmas celebrations, but it was absolutely perfect! Sometimes quiet relaxation is just what you need.


How was your Christmas weekend?

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  1. Cute gifts! Love the flower bouquet. ;)

    My Christmas went very well this year. I got a couple of things for my camera, and a couple sets of jewelry but other than that, it was very relaxed. Glad to know that you had a good Christmas this year!


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