Just For Now

-Oh boy. It's just one of those days. Well actually it has been a few days. The weather has been changing like crazy (50 degree with sunshine on one day...rainy & frigid the next!) and my body hasn't agreed, so once again I'm sick with a cold. And colds make me grumpy. Verrry grumpy. My poor husband. He has been so sweet even though I've been impossible and ridiculous. And my blog. Poor blog. I've been neglecting you quite a lot this week.


-I made a Polyvore set hoping it would get me in the Christmas mood. I really like that sweater up ^ there. It looks so soft and inviting. It didn't really help with the holiday spirit though. Still need to go work on that...

-Thank God for medicated cough drops. Those ones with ibuprofen in them and work wonders when you have throat pain? Whoever came up with those things, they are my hero.

-I should give myself a manicure.... It usually cheers me up, especially when I'm sick and feeling down. It's a funny how such small things can make you feel a little better sometimes huh?
Ahem. I need to stop rambling and whining. I think it's time for a nap. Or at least time for this blog post to end! Apologies to those of you who actually read down this far, and with a little bit of rest and TLC I should be back in no time blogging regularly once again. ^_^

Wishing every one of you health, happiness, joy, and a wonderful weekend!!
Marie ^_^


  1. Haha I read ALL THE WAY to the end!!! I really hope you get/feel better soon!!! It is such a bummer to be sick - I'm so glad I haven't gotten sick yet!

    The outfit is ADORABLE! You never cease to spark my inspiration with your adorable adorable outfits!!!! ;)

    Lots of love,

  2. Love everything in this set! :) Very cute.
    And yes, I know what you mean about the little things cheering you up..manicures do that to me too. ;P Hope you are feeling a little better by now!


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