2011 {a year in review}

Favorite Outfits

{typical me outfit}

{exploring new shapes & styles}

{wearing white in the winter}

{feeling kind of frilly}

{basics with bold tights}

{soft colors for cold weather}

I saw many doctors and went through therapy for an old injury. It was painful and frustrating, and in the end I didn't get a lot of answers.
I welcomed a new little niece into the family. ^_^
I went 10 days without caffeine & thought I was going to die. It was absolutely horrible and something I shall never do again.
I participated in 3 lovely fashion events!
My man put a ring on my finger and forgot to ask me to marry him. Be sure I'll never let him forget it! ^_^
Had lots of family visit! It was wonderful.
Stopped blogging for awhile and proceeded to miss it so much!
Planned my wedding in about two months. It was crazy but it ended up being just fine. :)
Was able to see my two best friends that live across the world from me.
Saw more doctors, still no answers!
Got an iPhone! Well actually, was given one, which is even better!
Swam in the ocean. Got a nice tan. :)
Did I mention that I married the love of my life? hehe.

In Conclusion
It was a year full of changes. A LOT of them. :) But it was beautiful in so many ways and I learned ever so much. I took a long and unannounced blogging break in the middle, which ended up being a regret, I has no idea I'd miss it so much! I'm back for good now and trying to get back onto my blogging feet. I'm not quite at the point where I am perfectly satisfied with it all but hey, it's a work in progress. ^_^ Sometimes I feel pressure to push my blog in one specific direction, but I don't know if it will ever be solely a one topic blog! I simply blog me. What I like, what I do. My life, my love, my journey. I never thought I'd have so many faithful followers or receive the sweet comments that I do! I love my blogging friends and I want to wish you all a happy and blessed new year ahead. May your 2012 be an amazing year, full of adventure, love, happiness and success. I pray that you stay close to Jesus, and continue to have the strength to stand up for what you believe in. Stay thankful, smile often, always dream big, and take nothing for granted!

Until next year, :) Marie


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