Time Flies

-Is Thanksgiving really next week? That is crazy...how did it get here so soon? Nevertheless I am super psyched up because I love the holidays and this whole season so much! I love it all, from putting up decorations, shopping for gifts, baking sweets and listening to Christmas music. It will always be quite a magical season for me. ^_^

-Between my two black pencil skirts and two black & white striped tee shirts and the laundry cycle, I've basically been wearing the same outfit all week and that is kind of embarrassing. I just keep pulling the same things out. Please don't tell me I am the only one that gets stuck wearing the same old things over and over again...

-I want snow!! It is downright freezing outside and nearly December. Why can't we please just have a little snow already?

-I'm thinking about doing a short 7 day blog series on all the DIY Christmas projects I have going on. Would anyone be interested?

-As soon as I have access to my camera again I will start doing personal outfit posts again! Natasha is hosting a 12 days of Christmas modest fashion event so I am going to try and participate. Click on the icon above to find out more if you are interested! :)

-I'll end with this song that I've been enjoying lately... Courageous by Casting Crowns.
I hope everyone has a lovely Saturday!


  1. Marie, could you pretty please tell me how to get YouTube videos like that Casting Crowns one, into your posts? I have tried posting YouTube vids on my blog, but nothing ever happens, like I can never get them to post. Thanks! :)


  2. I know Marie! Thanksgiving really snuck up on me too, and I am begging for snow but here in NC the weather is bipolar... it is a high of 48 today, but Monday's high is 73. Not even kidding. I can't wait till the biting cold comes in December- hopefully snow will follow close behind! :)

    And yes! I would love to see some DIY! :)
    Always fun.

    What about some cute beauty/hair DIY for Christmas? I never know what to do with my hair. Haha.


  3. The DIY Christmas present post would be absolutely lovely! I'm in need of something creative to make for my parents :)


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