Thanksgiving Challenge {day's 25-30}

Today is the last day of the Thanksgiving challenge I've been participating in. It has been a blessing and encouragement to my heart and I want to send out a big and special thank you to Rachel for hosting this lovely event. :)


{day 25} I'm thankful for God's love in my life. It will always amaze me how much he loves such a girl like me!!

{day 26} I'm thankful for God always providing my every need! God is very faithful, we must only trust fully in his strength!!

{day 27} My health. It could be so much worse! I'm so thankful I can walk, so thankful that I can use my hands, and so thankful to be able to see!!

{day 28} Blogging. I'm thankful for blogging. It's fun, it's relaxing. I get to know my friends better and make new ones! I'm glad I've had the opportunity to blog. :)

{day 29} My husband's new job. He was out of work for a while, but then God really opened a big door for him and he was finally able to get a good job in the field that he loves most! It's a blessing to see him happy and working with what he loves. :)

{day 30} I'm thankful for this life. This crazy life. It can be so scary, very difficult and often confusing. But I am so blessed to be alive! To have been given this wonderful gift of life. My biggest wish is that at the end of my days I'll be able to look back with happiness and contentment, knowing that I gave my all, lived the best I could and loved with all my heart!!

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