Thanksgiving Challenge {day's 15-17}

{thank you Rachel for hosting this lovely challenge, I am enjoying it so much! ^_^}

{day 15} I'm thankful today for safety! In Proverbs the Bible says that safety is of the Lord and I know this to be true. I've been oh so blessed in my life, God has protected me more than I deserved. Those poor Angels assigned to me deserve a large bonus. I'm sure they are tired! :)

{day 16} I'm thankful for the ability to read. I have known and met many people who can't. They were forced to quit school and work at a young age, their parents didn't care enough to put them in school, or they simply didn't have the opportunity in life. And that is really really sad. I can't imagine not knowing how to read and I'm so thankful for the opportunities I had as a child, not to mention a patient mother who was willing to teach me! :)

{day 17} Water. I am so happy and thankful for running water. There have been times I didn't have any and it is not easy. So if you have running water in your house today, just send up a little thanks!! :)

{all images via weheartit.com}

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