Thanksgiving Challenge {day's 12-14}

{day 12} Laughter. I'm thankful for laughter! It's so good for the soul. :)

{day 13} Friends!! Offline, I don't have very friends. Just a small handful. But I am really thankful for them and I'm glad they are in my life. And online? I've made a lot of nice friends and I love you all so much! Each and every comment makes me smile and I want to thank all of my blog followers especially today! :)

{day 14} Sight. I'm so thankful for my eyes. They are healthy and strong. They guide me safely across streets and lead me where I need to go. They see the beauty around me, and notice the tiny details in this crazy life we live. They sparkle when I'm happy, they cry when I'm feeling blue. Eyes are something special, and shouldn't be taken for granted and so today, I want to give thanks for having sight.


  1. Beautiful things to be thankful for! I especially love the laughter one. Laughter is something I've never particularly done much of which is such a shame. I've never been a giggly person but have always wished I was. Cherish those moments you have to laugh. Sometimes there's never enough!

  2. Yay for all 3. Especially my eyes, so I can SEE my friends and their laughter. ;)

  3. Great list. And when online friends turn into offline friends, too, it is a double blessing.


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