Thanksgiving Challenge {day 1}

Tonight I am thankful for starry skies. Or, if you live in the city like I do now, that one bright star that shines bravely through the smog. :) No really, my city has very clear skies for the most part, just lately it's been cloudy at night.
Bad days happen once in a while. Today wasn't my best I have to admit. But tonight when I was walking home with my Love by my side, I felt peace creep back into my heart looking at the beautiful stars. They make all of my problems seem a lot smaller and it's a nice reminder that God is always looking down upon me, I'm not forgotten. So tonight, I'm thankful for the stars....

(image via weheartit.com)

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  1. Such a beautiful thought! :D I, too, love to look at the stars...they remind me of my BIG God! :D Yes, we live in/near the city too...so many street lights it's hard to see them at times but on occasion we can see that one star, or go near a place where you can see them all. :) *happy sigh*

    Thank you for sharing Marie! :D
    Blessings and Hugs!


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