Oh My....

It has been a while since my last post! Apologies, I'm still sick with this nasty cold. It just seems to want to hang on forever! Lucky for me, I was able to be at my parents house for most of this week and it has helped pass the time being around my mom and sister. It's nice having company when you are sick!!

I did manage to be somewhat productive this week as I started to work on some Christmas presents!! I am always inspired seeing everyone's homemade Christmas projects every year, they always look fun and giving/receiving homemade gifts is the best feeling in the world! Usually, time passes too fast and I never get around to making anything, but not this year! I am determined to get out there and try my hand at making some things myself. :)

I found this cute idea via Pinterest, they are so simple, just paper glued onto clothespins! I made cute little display cards to clip mine onto and they are just adorable. Why use plain brown clothespins when you could have them in so many fun prints? I left my camera at home, but when I get back I will show you just how cute they are. :)

I also started cross-stitching again! I did it as a little girl and have watched my mom do it for years, it is something I've always loved. I picked it up again and am having so much fun! I'm almost done on a cute canvas for my sister to put in her room and I'll probably work on something for my sister-in-law next. Again.. I will post pictures soon of all my crafty projects going on. :)
So enough about me...

What have you been up to this week?

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