It's The Most Wonderful Time

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's that time of the year again. Usually the Autumn drags quite slow for me but this year it flew by. I can hardly believe Thanksgiving is over! I had a lovely holiday, spent relaxed with my family. I felt very blessed to be surrounded by those I love! :)

Now that Autumn is official over (in my mind at least! that's just how my mind works hehe!), I am moving on to thinking about Christmas. This year will be a little bit different for me, as I'm married! But I am excited about us getting our first tree, starting our own ornament collection and making new Christmas traditions together. :) We'll still be going my parents on Christmas Day and I get to help set up the tree this weekend so I am happy they still let me be involved! ^_^

I'm getting ready to put together some Christmas playlists on my iTunes this week,
what are your favorite songs this time of the year?

This year I'm putting together a little wish list inspiration board up on Pinterest instead of my usually scribbled down on a sticky wish list,
what do you want for Christmas this year?

I really do love this time of the year so much. It will always be to me very magical, I'm somewhat still a child about it! :) You can see on the board above some of the things I love about Winter but now I want to hear from you,
what do you love this time of the year?



  1. Favorite songs - "White Christmas", 'the Christmas Song', 'O Holy Night', 'Silent Night', 'Silver Bells.'

    What I want - blazers, scarves, riding boots, boyfriend cardigans, beanies, and flannel shirts.

    What I love about this time of year - the pretty starkness of the snow against a backdrop of bare trees. Seeing cardinals in the snow-tipped trees. :) And sipping coffee with my friends. :D


  2. Favorite Songs:
    I can't even get started! Really--- I love them all! {Except that Christmas Shoes song... it is soooo sad.) But I really love Dave Barnes, Matt Wertz, and Michael Buble's Christmas albums! :)
    What I want:
    I am going to post about this soon- I know you follow- so you will see everything soon! :)
    What I love!
    Love. I love love. And it is abundant this season... I know I am being vague, but it is not on purpose. I just love it ALL!


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