Anne Girl {autumn attire}

Anne of Green Gables is one of my favorite movie series out there. I like Anne...she has a beautiful dreamers personality and is so ambitious. I like Avonlea, it seems like such a lovely town. I like Gil, he is the perfect match for Anne and is sooo sweet. Besides all of that, I like the time period and okay, they are just classic and really good movies!!

I actually really like Gilbert's outfit in the above photo. So cute! And Anne's little pocket watch brooch is lovely...

I Just Want You

Best scene in the movie! I love this part! ^_^ And her top is so feminine and pretty... I love lace!

Anne of Avonlea

Her sweater is so beautiful in this scene, not to mention it looks super warm and comfy!!
Do you like Anne of Green Gables?


  1. One of my favorite movies/book series EVER. I love your outfit inspiration..definitely captures Anne's unique but beautiful style <3

  2. I AM CRAZY ABOUT 'ANNE OF GREEN GABLES'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They happen to be one of my fave movie series EVER! :) Megan Follows portrayed Anne soo well!!! Adorable pix.

    p.s. Gil and Anne are perfect together. ;)


  3. Oh my gosh i love Anne of green gables... haven't watched in years tho!


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