Winter Wear {red edition}

Red is a nice color, especially during the Winter. Maybe it is too christmas like for most people, but I love the nostalgic feeling it brings. :) One time I splurged and got myself a red purse I found on clearance, I never would have guessed how much I would use that little bag! It matched my wardrobe so well and went with so many things I owned. From then on I've been on the lookout for staples in that color seeing how much use I got out of it.
The nice thing about red, it that there are so many shades of it! I tend to like the darker shades that head off towards burgundy, however a nice bright red is beautiful as well.

I found these red tops at Maurice's online store. :)

Will you wear red this Winter?


  1. The first one is my absolute favorite! I love cowl neck tops, and the color is just gorgeous.

  2. Here's a sad thing: where I live, I'm pretty sure there's no Maurices!!!! And I LOVE that store!!! I'm really really loving that plaid shirt you posted. Very versatile. :)



  3. Super cute.



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