Winter Wear {hat edition}

I really like hats. I can't deny it. It's not that I just like them, I love wearing them even more. During the Summer I usually just stick to baseball caps on the weekends. I own several cute fedora's but my silly self tends to feel overdone when I wear them out. {That makes no sense.} Anyhow. Now that Winter is here, I am thrilled to finally have a good excuse to wear my favorite kind of hat.... the beanie with a pom-pom on top. It really must have a pom-pom. Otherwise my head looks flat. {This doesn't make sense either. I have strange hat rules for myself. ^_^}

Wearing hats is a lot of fun, it can really add a lot to your Winter wardrobe! Not everyone thinks they look good in hats, but sometimes you just have to find the right style that looks good on you. {ahem...like my pom-pom rule above!} Keeping your head covered also makes a big difference in staying warm when the temperatures drop. I'm all for staying warm! ^_^

I found all of these little beauties at Monsoon online. ^_^

Do you like hats?

What style is your favorite?


  1. I love hats!!! I don't think I can pull off the fedora look... but I love beanies with pom-poms!!! My favorite one you posted is the first one, I think, but I really love them all!!!! hahha

    I love your posts, keep up the GREAT work!!! xox


  2. It is going to be cold Sunday and I am going to a football game- who knows--- maybe I will be able to wear one haha. :)

    I love them all... but the first is ESPECIALLY cute. :)



  3. I do love hats, my favorite are berets and I can't wait to wear them again once the weather cools down a bit more, this hats are cute, there's this one I saw online that has a little owl face at the top, it's so cute but it looks so much like a little kid's hat I'd be afraid to wear it and look silly, I still wish I could have it hhehehehe


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