H&M New Arrivals

Maybe you will remember this post from the past, when I talked about giving H&M a second chance. I am glad that I did as I have been a loving shopper there ever since. Their retail prices are not to bad even if I rarely jump that high. I am a total sales addict! If it isn't on sale I have a difficult time justifying the purchase in my head. Strange? Maybe. ^_^ Anyhow. Lucky for me, the H&M near me nearly always has a nice big clearance section that I enjoy browsing through and usually can find a few treasures! I haven't been to the store for a while but I happened to stop by their online store today and wanted to share some of the lovely seasonal ads I saw and loved.

I could use a more practical coat, and I actually like the military green color of this one!

Lovely knit dress that could be super versatile!

Not only is this skirt modest and beautiful, I love the layering in the top half! Nicely done!

I like the draped neckline. Feminine and pretty.

Again, I like the layering! Looks cozy. :)

(all images via H&M online store!)


  1. LOVE the last one! its actually modest, cuz shinier material goes down to her knees, but the sweater is shorter. very interesting. And I am also a HUGE H&M fan... sadly, I never have enuff money to buy anything from there. Rats. :/

    p.s. would you please check out my blog? http://meandjesus-amanda.blogspot.com

    Thank you!!!!! xoxo

  2. Ooh cute orange dress! Nice to see you posting again. Are you going to keep doing posts of your own outfits?


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