Spring Gala - {blog party!}

I'm participating in a lovely blog party hosted by Virtuous Girlhood and Bramblewood Fashion! If you'd like to join in on the fun, click the icon above to learn more. :)

1. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? So typical....Paris!

2. What is the oldest item you own? Not sure...probably some jewelry via my Grandmother!

3. If you had to pick one hero, who would it be? Corrie Ten Boom.

4. If you could have dinner with any three people, living or dead. Who would it be? I think I would have to say that right now I would love to have a family reunion! More than three people involved...maybe that doesn't count. :)

5. Which do you like better, Coke or Pepsi? I'm totally a Cola kind of girl! Love it from a glass bottle. ^_^

6. What would you rather have- chocolate or a cookie? Right now I am really craving cookie dough.

7. What is your favorite season? I think I love each season a lot! Spring has nice rain showers and is so green. Summer is perfection, I love the heat! Autumn is peaceful and full of beauty. And Winter is way way WAY too long. But I still love it just the same. ^_^

8. What's your favorite thing about Spring? Tulips! I love tulips.

9. What's your favorite music? I like a lot of different kinds of music, from Christian to Country, Indie, Classical...Jazz to Rock! My current favorite artists are The Afters, Tenth Avenue North, Toby Keith, John Mayer and Lady Antebellum. :)

10. What's your fashion/personal style? I never thought about this one before...I like classic and elegant styles. Banana Republic, J. Crew and Zara are right up my alley! I like to add bits and pieces borrowed from other styles also, but overall my base style is very tailored and classic. :) Related words; nerd. librarian. :)

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  1. Paris = LOVE. I'd totally go there too. :)
    Hehe, I have some old jewelry from my grandma also!
    Corrie Ten Boom is an awesome person to choose as a hero. Mine would probably be C.S. Lewis.
    Oh yeah, Coke all the way!
    Hmm...can't you have a chocolate cookie? xP
    Hurrah for fellow Tenth Avenue North fans!! They're one of my favorite bands ever. ;)

  2. Just want to say...I've been to Paris and it was horrible. :P


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