Spring Cleaning {Closet Edition}

{organize} First off, I always like to organize everything nice and neat. It's hard see what you have in your closet when it's a mess to begin with!

{look} Now it's time to take innvatory. How are your basics doing? What is getting worn out? What still has tags on it? Update your shopping list with the things you want and things you need this year.

{cleanse} Be careful, but don't be afraid to ever throw out or give away things that are falling apart or aren't being worn! You can always try to refashion things as well, if you are handy with the needle or know someone who can help! :)

{re-organize} Now that you cleaned everything out, it's time to re-organize everything how you want it. I'm a bit OCD about this myself, I keep everything organized by type! Dresses, long summer skirts, black skirts, pencil skirts, blouses, cardigans, and so on and so forth. It just works for me and makes it easier to see what I have in my closet every day!

{tools} It helps to keep things organized if you have a few tools. Not all closets are the same but usually there are a few things you can incorporate to aid in keeping everything in order! I have a shoe rack on the bottom of my closet with a few baskets on top for keeping belts, gloves and hats. A stack of medium sized boxes beside it holding all of my scarves, and a few nice large bins on the top for excess clothing such as Winter coats or swimwear. Depending on the season. :) I bought most of my organizational things from Ikea! They are very affordable and have so many options. I highly recommend them! Target also has some nice things.





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PS. I had a cute photo for the top but blogger isn't letting me upload currently! Arrrghhh! ^_^

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