Second Chances

I never cared too much for H&M, and I'm not exactly sure why. I liked their ads, and always saw cute clothes in the window but I just never got the greatest deals or found great stuff. And for some unknown reason (?) I always assumed H&M to be poor quality. Time has passed and I haven't (seriously) walked into an H&M in years, until one recently just opened in a mall near me this past month. When I went to visit, I was so very pleasantly surprised to find a lot of really nice, cute basics that I've been looking for...with a not to painful price tag attached! ^_^ They also had tons of cute skirts and dresses, from business casual to beachwear.

I sadly bypasses the cute dresses, and ended up just buying a basic oxford dress shirt to try out and see if I liked. Well, I liked. And have worn it three days already in one week! The sizing and fit was perfect and so far I like how the fabric is wearing. Hopefully I will get around to going back and picking up a few more in different colors! :)

Here are some of my other wants....

Do you shop at H&M?
How do you feel about giving stores a second chance?

all images via H&M!


  1. I've never gone there but wow! I'm impressed with those pics! Lovin' the first and fourth outfits especially.

  2. Mare,

    this is like, so cool! OKay, so my family and I are moving to a different state, and right now where we live, there is no H&M store. But guess what?!?! Where we're moving in a few months actually has an H&M store!!!! I'm sooo pumped to go shopping there. I got to take a peek when we visited the mall there, and I fell in love with the store.
    And also with WetSeal. :)

  3. ive been in there a few times. a little pricy for me, but i did get a skirt there for $5! (on major clearance though...lol) all those pics you posted are sooooo cute and summery!!

  4. I have never shopped at H&M, there's not one close to my home, however I have seen many cute clothes from them and from what I hear at great prices, I always thought of H&M like F21, but I'm amazed to see that they do carry more modest lenghts, everything at F21 is so tiny and short, if there was a store close to me I would definitely try it. =D


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