Summer Classics ♥

Feminine Essence

Something about crisp white paired with denim... it's classic and always a hit! Not to mention... I adore that cutesy pearl necklace, so feminine!!


Stripes. Another favorite Summer classic of mine! This set is a little more sassy and bold than my usual getup, however I like it quite a bit! It's good to have a little fun sometimes, no? :) I'm also a pretty big fan of wearing small amounts of black in the Summer. It adds a hot bold statement and I love how it can anchor an outfit!


What are some of your favorite Summer classics?


  1. The denim and white are a classic favorite and this year I have both the perfect jeans and the perfect white top! Hopefully it warms up soon so I can wear the outfit!

  2. Ooooh oooohhh oooohhhhh I LOVED these outfits! I want that berry colored skirt in the 2nd set, and I'm terribly wanting that ADORABLE ADORABLE ADORABLE red clutch in the 1st set! Loved the rose applique on it!! :)


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