Puddle Jumping

To celebrate this lovely rainy Spring weather we're enjoying right now, I put together some sets on polyvore for you today! Browsing through all the cute wellies out there, it has inspired me to keep my eye out for a pair myself. :)

Spring Rain

Navy polka-dots. Yellow wellies. So very classic! What's not to love? ^_^


A nice trench is always in fashion...sadly I don't own one! I've yet to find one in my price range that also fits me well! With cozy socks and a scarf to ward off the chill, I really love this simple set!

Rain, Rain, Rain

I can't stop drooling over these adorable red wellies! Aren't they to die for?

Paris Rain



  1. I like the last 2 best! The floral prints right now are so pretty.

    P.S. If you can believe it, its snowing here! Figures... :)

  2. we just got some snow last night!!! arghh, soo mad. :)

    I can't decide which set i love most!!!! ahh! all four???? hehe

    Marie, you always always do a fabuloso job on putting together ADORABLE, TO DIE-FOR sets! I'm envious. *winks*

  3. The second and the last ones are my favorite! Though the earrings in the first set are amazingly cute, or the one with the rewad wellies (isn't the word wellies just splendid?) maybe they are all my favorite..... ;-)

  4. You say wellies?! Me too! I have not met very many non-UK people who do. :)

    I like your sets! :)


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