Maxi Dress via Forever 21 {current love}

I love this dress via Forever 21. When I see maxi dresses on others, I'm always a fan. They are slimming, elegant and cool. However I still tend to feel self conscience when wearing them myself! Maybe it is because I'm under 5'4". Maybe I am just not used to it! I definitely think it helps to add some tall, chunky sandals underneath...I think it looks really good together!

How about you? Are there any rules you follow when wearing longer lengths?

If I had this dress I'd be pairing it with these babies. Posted before by me I know. I just love them so much. ^_^ Available at Payless!


  1. cute shoes. i *heart* wedges! alot.

  2. I love maxi dresses!! I've pretty much always worn longer lengths so it doesn't really bother me. I'm 5"4' too!
    Those sandals really are beautiful! I think they'd look GREAT with that dress!

  3. You know...I don't usually wear longer lengths. I should try it out. I'm more of a cocktail dress kind of girl :)


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