Marie Loves... {Yellow}

Yellow is not usually a favorite color, at least of pretty much everyone I know! Actually more often than not it ends up being a most disliked color. Especially when talking about colors worn! I know it can be a funny color, and might not work with everyones coloring and such, I however think it is a lovely color! Soft yet bold, feminine and strong, the color of happiness and sunshine. What's not to love? ^_^ I found the above pretties via Mod Cloth and it has inspired me to try and add some more yellow into my wardrobe this year!! Despite my love for the color, I don't own much in it, maybe a couple of tops but that is all. :)


How do you feel about yellow?
Do you wear it?


  1. yellow is actually my favorite colour. :)

  2. i don't wear it very often, but the yellow shirt that i have is one of my absolute favs. :)

  3. ooooooohhh! It's yellow! I love the color yellow for some things, but I don't wear it often, though I am wearing it now ^_^ ...

  4. I love wearing it! But, I have to be careful because it can make me look sallow!

  5. <3 yellow! It looks so good on me. I am totally digging that first dress!

  6. Well, I have to confess that yellow and I have a mixed realationship filled with hate and love! :) A little humor their! *GRIN*
    I only own 1 yellow item-a plain shirt. And I think its been since last year that I wore it! But that last skirt with buttons and the dress are to die for! I think the shade is what makes them cute, too bright of yellow is gross to me.
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  7. Ohgoodness, I just LOOOVE this color! Thruout my whole life, my fave color's been pink, but I'm really hating that color now! :)
    The colors I'm loving recently are yellow and red! And yellow and gray??? Yes please!!!!! :D

    I am totally wanting that yellow skirt, the last one, you posted. Soooo cute! It'd be really really cute with a gray and white striped shirt, dontcha think?!?!


  8. You know what? I really don't wear too much yellow at all. However, a few of my favorite t-shirts are in yellow. One of which is a John Mayer shirt I bought when I saw him live.

  9. I can't really wear yellow, it looks ghastly with my sking tone...but I LOVE yellow so much. I'm on the lookout for some yellow shoes or a yellow skirt like this adorable one; if it's away from my face, I love wearing yellow.

  10. yellow is not my favorite color, but I'm loving it lately in these mustard tones paired with gray!


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