{how to} Enjoy your Summer!

11 ways to enjoy this Summer. 11, because its 2011 of course. ^_^

1. Take photos! Capture your Summer on film to remember all the great moments and memories you will make. Even buying a disposable camera is a fun way to easily document any day!

2. Read. Whether you want to pull out a few old favorites or go browse through a bookstore to pick up something new. History, fiction, how to's or maybe a biography...there are so many options out there and something for everyone. Reading shouldn't be forgotten, and is a great way to relax and expand your knowledge! It keeps you sharp and your mind healthy. ^_^

3. Cook for yourself. Confession time: I rarely cook, and even more rarely cook just for myself! But in all honesty it is a fun thing to do and is very enjoyable as you do it more and more. This Summer I am challenging myself to start cooking at least a few times a week---I'll be posting updates on how it goes and maybe even share a few recipes and ideas along the way! :)

4. Get some sun. Despite being a much debated subject, I am a firm believer that sunshine is good for you and keeps you healthy and strong! Sunshine gives your body vitamin D and keeps your spirits up! ^_^

5. Drink more water. They say that a lot of health problems could be solved or be improved if we only drank the proper amount of water! Always a struggle for me, but it helps if I invest in a nice water bottle that I can carry around with me while I'm on the go!

6. Be a giver. Whether you have the ability to volunteer for your community or a nearby charity, or simply offer to help out those you know around you...giving is good and keeps you thankful and cheerful!

7. Indulge. What is your guilty pleasure? My Summer faves are smoothies (with pomegranate!) and the occasional espresso with vanilla ice cream on the side. I know we all try to watch what we eat, but its OK to occasionally indulge. Life wouldn't be any fun without a little sugar, no? At least that is my excuse! ^_^

8. Try something artistic. Coming from a girl who has about zero artistic talent....art can be fun! ^_^ There are so many creative thing out there for you to do, from painting to cartoon drawing, sewing or even simple DIY projects. It's good to try new things and use up all that creativity inside.

9. Remember to relax. Stress gets ahold of each one of us sooner or later, and it's healthy to learn how to unwind! Try picking up yoga or pilates, or start a journal to write down your thoughts. Take a warm bath (with lots of bubbles!), or give yourself a pedicure. Sit outside with a glass of iced tea and watch the sunset, or take a long walk to get some fresh air. Relaxing is important and there are many ways to accomplish it. If you can learn how to relax yourself, I think you'll find your life to be more enjoyable in the long run!

10. Spend time with God! Be sure to make time to have devotions this Summer. Whether you want to get up early and curl up with your Bible and a cup of tea, or if you want to head to your favorite park on a sunny afternoon and find an empty bench... Keep in touch with God and stay close to his Word! Proven to always make life more enjoyable! ^_^

11. Make a short bucket list. Nothing complicated. Just jot down a dozen or so things that you would like to do this Summer. From learning something creative, challenging yourself, or going to see something new... the options are endless! A few things on my bucket list this Summer are going camping and learning how to sew. :)


  1. My summer's really humid, so I'm looking for ways to enjoy it (the heat can be a cause for a bad mood). Those are eleven great ways to spend the summer!

  2. Great summer list, I think this Summer I'm going to try to enjoy my family when I go to MX to visit, and then just relax and enjoy solitude and of course make time to be alone with God. =)


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