Something Green...

In honor of St. Patricks day coming up soon, I thought I would share with you one green thing I love the most. And I think I have to say it would be mint chip ice cream. With crushed oreos and fudge sauce on top. ^_^ You should try it sometime...it is amazing!

What is something green that you love?


  1. My favorite green food is green chilli chiken. *nom nom nom*

    But that looks pretty good too ^ :) I'm really lovin' your blog! :DDD


  2. so delicious. the checkout guy at my campus bookstore last week gave me a free piece of mint chocolate chip ice cream gum. it was pretty legit.

    I went back the next day and bought a pen so that maybe he'd give me another piece, but he didn't. It basically ruined my day.

    I hope that made you laugh. If not, insert sad face here.

    Ahhhh I'm so tired and random.

    Please forgive me. :)

    Have a lovely week!

  3. I don't know. Maybe green water. Greenish-bluish.
    Katie, that made me smile. I hope he gives you more!!!!

  4. Ohmywordohmyworyohmyword mint choc. chip ice cream is my all time FAVE!!!! Not kidding. Love that stuff to death. :)
    Um, I would love to get a pair of bright green shoes, like flats, or heels. IDK

  5. YUM minus the chocolate fudge :)

  6. your so mean for making me read and look at that ice cream lol it looks amazing, now it's going to be on my mind all day lol


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