Just a Masquerade (?)

This song has been playing through my mind for the past few weeks... it just touches my heart and really hits home for me!! Does that ever happen to you? Sometimes it feels that church becomes just a theater, a stage... how different would church be if we all just came with out hearts open, and showed everyone what was really going on underneath the mask we are so used to wearing? If we really saw the truth I think we'd find that we're not alone in our struggles and heartaches going on in our lives... I hope you will listen to this song. May it bless you as has blessed me. :) Happy Monday!!


  1. Cool song :) it's pretty honest, people should never let others keep them from church or from having a relationship with God, and yet many do it every day, thanks for sharing this song ;)

  2. If we should ever be able to show our real face it should be at church. Sadly, to show your real face is often synonyms with getting hurt.


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