Gingham {LOVE}

I kind of like gingham. Maybe not quite a love it, but definitely a strong like for it. Especially in the Spring!! :) I think it reminds me of being a little girl and twirling in a Easter dress made up of fresh pastel gingham. Or something like that. I browsed the web today and found a few cute picks that I thought were nice modern updates. :)

A gingham oxford shirt is quite the classic! It would be a lot of fun to style year around. This one of from Forever 21.

I adore this top! It is so flipping cute it makes me want to squeal!! If you'd like you can buy me one via Old Navy. ^_^ hehe.
Classic again! This would cheer up a simple jeans and tee shirt day don't you think? Found at Monsoon.

This vintage looking skirt has me thinking about pie. Blueberry. I love the retro feel of this skirt, I would love to have it in my wardrobe! Found at ModCloth of course. :)


How do you feel about gingham?

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  1. ITs okay. I would feel like that girl from "Oklohoma!" or something. LOL that's what gingham reminds me of. haha


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