There is nothing so sweet as wearing sandals with bare feet after a long and cold Winter!! :) I was able to spend almost all of last week in my favorite wedges and it was a wonderful feeling for sure. Although this week's temperatures have dropped a bit and the Spring rain has started, I'm happy I was able to break out the sandals at least for a short time. :)

In case you are interested, I'm wearing Sketchers Modiste Utopia Sandals. I got these in the late Summer of last year and they quickly became favorites! Super comfy footbed, with a low enough heel to do a lot of walking in. I have no complaints! :)


  1. I can't wait! It was rather promising this morning at a sweltering 47, but now it's back down to 40!

  2. Those are really really cute, and man do they look comfy!!!!! :)


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