A special thanks to Samantha from Islandfoglifter for passing along the Stylish blogger Award to me!! ^_^ Now for 8 facts about myself...

1. I hate talking on the phone! It's a near phobia of mine.

2. I love being short(ish) even though it gets me teased quite often. I'm perfectly happy with my hight!

3. I'm not very good at keeping plants alive. I prefer cut flowers! ^_^

4. I'm scared of real owls. Strange, considering my love for the fake kind when it comes to jewelry and such.

5. I've never gotten a pedicure because I'm shy about my feet. I'm serious.

6. Coffee is my drug. I can't live without it!

7. As much as I hate talking on the phone...I make up for it by texting. I am addicted. It is very embarrassing.

8. I've never owned a pair of red shoes. Me thinks this must change soon...!!


  1. i hate talking on the phone too. much prefer texting!

  2. Ditto on the phone fear but an almost obsessive love of texting! Go for the red shoes, I love mine and wear them a ton, much more then I ever thought I would! =)

  3. I only like talking on the phone when talking to someone I know. I AGREE about the RED SHOES!!!:):):)


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