{5} Reasons Marie Loves Spring...

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1) Tulips. Everywhere. At least where I live....they can be found in every garden and window-box during the Springtime and I love it! They are so vivid and cheerful. They have to be my most favorite flower!

2) Rainstorms... Please remind me of this one in about a months time when it's constantly raining every day and I start complaining! ^_^ But really, I have a certain kind of love for rain, especially in the Spring. It makes everything green and lush and for that I love it.

3) First picnic of the year! You know... the kind where you are still bundled up in a sweater but are braving bare legs while sitting in the grass with a cup of coffee and a book to soak in some much needed sunshine. Okay, not much of a picnic, but a wonderful first attempt at one. :)

4) Sandals! Bare toes! Ahh. This one makes me giddy. I have worn sandals twice in the past week and it is the most wonderful feeling in the world.

5) Green grass. Green everything. I love the fresh new lushness in nature this time of the year. Buds and blooms.... it is a beautiful sight and um, well something I am still waiting to see this year!! :)
What are some of your favorite things about Spring?


  1. Wearing spring colors, flowers, flip flops and having my windows rolled down as I drive!

  2. DEFINITELY agree with rainstorms and sandals! They're the essence of spring! I'd also have to add blossoming cherry trees- the pink ones!

    I've been following your blog for about a month now, and you're such an sweet, inspiring person (with an amazing fashion sense)! My sisters and I (there are four of us) really enjoy reading, I simply had to start commenting!


  3. I love the flowers, the rain, and the just right temperatures!


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