{3} Cute (but practical) Sandals via Khols

I want these rugged looking Sonoma sandals in my closet! I love the practical chunky heel and the thick straps. I have a feeling these beauties would get a lot of wear in the Summer!

I love the cutsy little details in these darling SO wedges. The neutrals colors are practical while the details add so much fun!!

At first glance I thought these Mudd peep toe sandals to be ugly, but they are slowly growing on me! They look super comfy with the low 2.5 inch chunky heel...and very sturdy. I do a lot of walking in the Summer but get tired of always wearing flats! It's nice to have options like these on days you want a little added hight! :)

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  1. I'm absolutely in love with the first two... but I'm not sure about the third one... You could probably totally pull it off though. ;)


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